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Prehistorik Man

1.99 usd

Once again the village gets robbed. All the food is gone, stolen by greedy dinosaurs. The village chief chooses you, Sam, to travel to the dinosaur cemetery where thousands of bones cover the ground. Bones are the trading currency in the old age and it’ll be needed in order to refill the stock. On your journey you’ll also have to gather as much food as you can for your tribe: hamburgers, ice creams, pieces of cake, French fries … just snacks to fight starvation.Rediscover one of the best platformer/action game on your Android device. With the help of the Village Chief, Blacksmith, and even an Inventor, explore this exotic Prehistorik world.
FEATURES- 22 mythic levels taking you to an awesome adventure in the Prehistorik world- Multiple stunning and colorful environments from burning forest to frozen wastes- Fun exotic gameplay: fly a deltaglider, roll on a stone wheel and jump around like a kangaroo with the ooga-boinga- Microphone interaction: you yell, Sam screams, and all the enemies on screen go down.- Multi-touch zoom-out: use two fingers to get a better view of your surroundings
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